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The Doucettes

We are pleased to introduce to you a very special group of young people who set an example for all of us through their bluegrass gospel music. Please listen to “What Could a Beggar Give a King” from The Doucettes’ 2017 album – “I Have Found Him”. We pray that God will bless you through the words of this amazing bluegrass gospel song.



Hannah is the only girl in the family and is also the oldest of the band members although this is getting harder to tell as the boys get older. She plays the violin which she started when she was six years old and the piano. Although she enjoys playing instruments, her true musical passion is singing. Her vocals shine on her band’s new album entitled I have Found Him and especially on the song “How Deep the Father’s Love.” Hannah currently enjoys traveling with her family band and successfully balances life on the road with earning a bachelor’s degree at Arizona State University.


If there was a backbone to the band, the Doucettes would all agree, it’s Holten. Along with choosing the songs they play, he is often the one who brings the band together for practices and holds everyone accountable in all areas. But don’t let him completely fool you, Holten also has a fun and soft side as well. As far as his music goes, he started with the harmonica, and later traded that for the guitar. At eleven years old, he decided to pick up the mandolin and immediately took off. He practiced relentlessly for several years, eventually becoming one of the premier competition players in America.


As the band’s banjo player, Hudsen is the natural target of many “banjo player jokes” from the rest of the family. Hudsen started playing the banjo in 2011 after getting one for Christmas. Less than six years later in 2017, Hudsen won first place in the Texas State Banjo competition. In the same year, Hudsen began playing the dobro and experimenting with adding its unique sound to the family band’s music. In addition to playing instruments, Hudsen also loves singing, playing sports, and making things out of duct tape.


Although he prefers to stay in the background and play his bass, Hayden has a large part in creating the band’s sound. Even though seeing him smile may be a rare occasion, Hayden enjoys playing along with his siblings and trying to keep everyone in line. In addition to playing the bass, he also prefers to sing bass, though he does not do it much on stage. Outside of music, Hayden seeks for adventure outdoors and enjoys playing sports.


Harlen was the first sibling to be added to the family band after it was started and has done a great job with keeping up with the older siblings. He made his recording debut on his band’s album I have Found Him. Although he sings well, he usually prefers to stay behind the guitar and play rhythm. Harlen is working on songs to play for the Texas State Guitar Flatpicking Competition which he eagerly and anxiously awaits. Whether it is playing sweet and flowing rhythm or bearing down on a big G lick, Harlen has a great time playing music and occasionally (sometimes more like constantly) cracking jokes.


Every family has at least one child that wants to talk to everybody and is not afraid to push his limits of achievement. With the Doucettes, this is Hansen. Hansen started singing with his family at 9 years old and has since started adding his fiddle playing to the music. As he matures as a player, he will begin to add more of his fiddle playing to the band’s music. I Have Found Him was also Hansen’s first time recording with the family band. You can hear his vocals on nearly all the tracks, especially “All Along.”

“For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:
Not of works, lest any man should boast.”
– Ephesians 2:8-9

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Please enjoy a sample of “All Along”, which was Hansen’s first time recording with the family.