A Conservative Gospel Music Record Label

Mountain music has deep roots dating back hundreds of years when immigrants from Ireland, Scotland and England came to America for a better life. Many of them settled in the mountains of North and South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee. Music was played in the home, as there was not much else to do in the way of entertainment. Music and the family Bible brought families closer together. Each family member discovered their own unique style as they were taught and encouraged to play whatever instrument they could find. Bluegrass, as we call it now, was born from that ‘mountain music’ and many of the songs that were written reflected life as they knew it in those remote, mountainous areas. A life of many hardships, but out of hardship grew a reliance on their Creator and a deep faith that ingrained itself into the genre we know today as Bluegrass Gospel.

The technology that arose in the early twentieth century gave rise to Bluegrass Gospel Music. The phonograph (record player), radio and eventually television catapulted those unique bluegrass sounds into homes all over America. The genre gained momentum and became an unusual, but firm, driving force in the music industry. Today, due to the internet, Bluegrass Gospel music can be heard virtually anywhere in the world.

Our own artists have been heard throughout the world and even in places that are usually closed to the gospel and its music. We are thrilled that the Lord is using our music to bless countless others and to give them hope through Jesus Christ. Music that is dedicated to proclaiming the gospel is music that will get heard and Bluegrass gospel is one of the many outlets that is used for this purpose.

Enjoy the music.

Promoting gospel music that encourages you to have a closer walk with the Lord.

Our Name

Simply put; we derived our name from the Bible. ‘Upon an instrument of ten strings, and upon the psaltery; upon the harp with a solemn sound.’ Psalms 92:3. Although some dictionaries define solemn as grave, sober or serious; we choose rather to use a portion of the definition as defined in Webster’s 1828 dictionary;
3. …marked by reverence to God. (http://webstersdictionary1828.com/Dictionary/solemn)
It is our unchangeable purpose that all music that bears our label will be ‘marked by reverence to God.’

Our Standards

We understand that opinions about music are as controversial as religion and politics, but we believe that God created music, so therefore music should reflect God.

To better illustrate this point, imagine you are in Heaven. God speaks your name so you kneel and say “Yes Lord?” Then God, in all His glory, leans forward and says to you “Sing me a song.”

What song will you choose to sing? Will it be ‘marked by reverence to God’?

If our choice of music in Heaven will glorify no one but God alone, then shouldn’t our choice of music on earth do the same?

  • CD cover for Glorious Hymns of Faith by Michael David Lindsey
    Glorious Hymns of Faith - Michael David Lindsey