News Release: Solemn Sound Records Introduces New Brand Identity With a Revamped Website

Solemn Sound Records logo.

SPRING, TX – April 1, 2018 — Solemn Sound Records, a local gospel music label, launched a new branding strategy and a redesigned website located at The new brand identity includes a new logo that reflects a dove with an olive branch to encourage hope and  peace.

“Our brand relaunch showcases the label’s strengths and insures the website is compatible with the many different mobile devices people are using today. “, said Joseph Whitlock, Solemn Sound Records CEO.

About Solemn Sound Records

Solemn Sound Records derived its name from the Bible: “Upon an instrument of ten strings, and upon the psaltery; upon the harp with a solemn sound.” – Psalms 92:3

The label was started by Joe and Margaret Whitlock in 2014, with the release of Christmas Tranquility; a piano instrumental of 14 beautifully played songs by Michael David Lindsey. This project was completed in less than 30 days and the recording studio manager remarked that in his 20 years in the business, he had never seen a project come together so fast. According to Mr. Whitlock, “The Lord was just looking for an opportunity to do the impossible.”

Solemn Sound Records’ mission is to work with gospel music artists to promote gospel music that encourages the listener to have a closer walk with God. Several other gospel artists have joined the label and in the words of its founders, “We wonder what the Lord will do next.”