Solemn Sound Records | Beginnings

My wife, Margaret, and I started Solemn Sound Records in 2014. Our first release was Christmas Tranquility; a piano instrumental of 14 beautifully played songs by Michael David Lindsey. I originally had another artist recruited for the project but it all fell through at the last minute. Then Michael came into the picture, he and I made a verbal agreement and got the ball rolling.

I was skeptical that we would get the project done before Christmas because it was already so late in the year. I made the deal with Michael on faith. I still did not have a studio lined up, a graphic artist, a duplication company, a website, a logo, a contract or much of anything else. I just felt like the Lord wanted me to trust Him and move forward.

Miraculously things began to fall into place very quickly. The following day I began to call around and search the internet for Christian recording studios. I was referred to Joey Garza of Full Measure Productions in Houston. I called him, and we made a deal over the phone. Joey was the connection that I needed to get everything else lined up.

Michael and I put together a list of songs and I scheduled the studio time for the earliest slot available which was November 10th, 2014. (I don’t advise starting a Christmas project in November, but what do I know?)

I went by Michael’s house on the evening of the 10th and showed him the contract I had drafted. He signed it, we got in the car, I bought him a drive-thru burger and off to the studio we went.

In less than 30 days from the studio date we had 1,000 finished cd’s ready to sell. Joey said in the 20 plus years that he has been in the business he had never seen a project come together so fast. I believe the Lord was just looking for an opportunity to do the impossible and we are eager to see just what He will do next.

Since the founding of the label, we have added several other gospel artists and I feel that you will find their music uplifting and enjoyable. Please visit us at and buy some of the best Christian, Southern Gospel and Bluegrass Gospel music available anywhere.